Raising Glover’s Silkmoth

The Glover’s silkmoth (Hyalophora columbia gloveri) is a western species of giant silk moth, and is native to Arizona, where I live. It is very closely related to the Cecropia moth (Hyalophora cecropia), which I also raise here indoors (but never release). The nice thing about raising native species is they can also be releasedContinue reading “Raising Glover’s Silkmoth”

Basic Overview – How to Raise Giant Silk Moths

Follow along as we learn to raise a variety of species of butterfly-like giant silk moths in the family Saturniidae (from the order Lepidoptera comprising butterflies and moths), a group of approximately 2300 species among the most spectacular flying creatures in the world! RAISING GIANT SILK MOTHS with Vicky OldhamCaterpillar help hotline: 928-282-4326 CONTAINERS: UseContinue reading “Basic Overview – How to Raise Giant Silk Moths”