Citheronia regalis – Royal Walnut Moth

Last summer, 2021, I featured the caterpillars of Citheronia regalis, also known as the Hickory Horned Devil, in a live-stream video. Now the first moth has emerged, known as the Royal Walnut Moth. Raised indoors in Arizona on Rhus trilobata (three-leaf sumac). See the live stream video and be sure to look at last year’sContinue reading “Citheronia regalis – Royal Walnut Moth”

Discovering a new host plant for polyphagous Saturniidae, the Three-Leaf Sumac (Rhus trilobata)

LIving in Northern Arizona presents a challenge to anyone trying to raise giant silk moths (of the family Saturniidae). I used Rhus trilobata experimentally last year, a plant not described as a host plant for any of the species I raise, and it worked beyond my wildest dreams. So far, this includes: Citheronia regalisHyalophora cecropiaCallosamiaContinue reading “Discovering a new host plant for polyphagous Saturniidae, the Three-Leaf Sumac (Rhus trilobata)”

Video: Raising Hickory Horned Devil Caterpillars

Please enjoy this live stream video of these amazing caterpillars in the subfamily of giant silk moths, Ceratocampinae. In a group referred to as royal moths, the “Hickory Horned Devil” caterpillar, Citheronia regalis, is one of the most dramatic-looking caterpillars on earth! Each molt, known as an “instar,” presents a brand new look to thisContinue reading “Video: Raising Hickory Horned Devil Caterpillars”

Fun with Giant Silk Moths! A 2-Part Summer Course

This fun, 2-part course concludes with a presentation at the Highlands Center for Natural History in Prescott, Arizona. With Vicky Oldham, Course Part 1: Raising Giant Silk Moths Indoors, Egg to Adult Raising giant silk moths indoors is not only educational — it’s fun!  Participate in the miracle of metamorphosis in a completely newContinue reading “Fun with Giant Silk Moths! A 2-Part Summer Course”

How to Disinfect Cages, Equipment, Leaves, and Eggs when Raising Caterpillars Indoors.

Information adapted from an original article by Edith Smith of Shady Oak Butterfly Farm, NOTE: I do not routinely treat the leaves of host plants with the Clorox solution described below, but if you suspect a host plant is contaminated and the supply is limited, this method offers a solution. That said, if youContinue reading “How to Disinfect Cages, Equipment, Leaves, and Eggs when Raising Caterpillars Indoors.”

Raising Glover’s Silkmoth

The Glover’s silkmoth (Hyalophora columbia gloveri) is a western species of giant silk moth, and is native to Arizona, where I live. It is very closely related to the Cecropia moth (Hyalophora cecropia), which I also raise here indoors (but never release). The nice thing about raising native species is they can also be releasedContinue reading “Raising Glover’s Silkmoth”