About Me

Hi, I’m Vicky Oldham.
I hope to interest you in the coolest hobby ever – raising giant silk moths!

Have you ever even seen a moth as big and equally as beautiful as a butterfly? It could be a giant silk moth. Many people have never seen one. Why? It’s because they fly only at night to find mates. I have discovered some new ideas to make them easier than ever to raise. I hope you’ll get excited about this amazing and fun hobby—and you’ll want to try it too!

about Me

Student and Biological Illustrator

At the age of 17, I attended Temple University (Tyler School of Art) for fine art and biology. During this time, I was hired to illustrate research publications for scientists in the Department of Malacology at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1812, the Academy is the oldest natural science research institution and museum in the Americas, renowned for its massive collection of specimens from all over the world. It is now part of Drexel University.

Designed and Installed Natural History Exhibits

During my time as an illustrator, I was given the opportunity to design natural history exhibits, including the entire main floor entrance way exhibit for the Academy of Natural Sciences. Featuring mollusks and seashells, the exhibit remained in place for over 4 years. During that time, I had access to the Academy’s resources, including one of the largest collections of seashells in the world.

Professional Sculptor and Publisher

For 30-plus years, I was part of a team that created hundreds of prototype sculptures for the fine giftware industry. Many were produced in porcelain for The Franklin Mint, Lenox Collections, Danbury Mint, The Bradford Exchange, and our signature studio line, Oldham Porcelains. I also started a small publishing business and designed websites, graphic design materials, books, maps, and tourist guides.

Present Interests: Art, Music, Natural History — and Higher Education!

Today, I live in the foothills of Mingus Mountain, overlooking Prescott Valley and Prescott, Arizona. I love the rural setting abounding with deer, jackrabbits and a herd of pronghorn just around the bend. Great horned owls hoot on my rooftop at night. In addition to natural history projects with the Highlands Center for Natural History, I enjoy painting, sculpting, playing guitar, and composing lyrics. My sculpture today is intended for production in bronze. I’m also in school again, after many years, attending the personalized learning program with Northern Arizona University.

Let’s raise giant silk moths!

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