Watch our live stream videos for the latest updates.

I show how to raise the giant silk moths in each phase of their development.

Watch this 6-part live stream video series on the Giant Silk Moth Caterpillar Workshop 2021 – See all the different caterpillars’ development in progress!

Raising Luna Moths

This year, I started with eggs to raise Luna moths. Additionally, Luna cocoons that overwintered hatched into some really beautiful moths!

Giant Silk Moth Caterpillar Workshop 2021

See the progress of a variety of giant silk moth caterpillars in my Giant Silk Moth Summer 2021 Workshop. Watch the entire playlist (6 live stream videos).

Raising Glover’s Moths

These Glover’s moths mated in a large net cage outdoors. The female gives off a pheromone and the male has to be able to follow the pheromone “plume” to find her and mate successfully.

Sing-Along: A Big Fat Caterpillar!

Enjoy a song written just for kids! It will help them understand the entire process from egg to giant moth! Sing along with “A Big Fat Caterpillar”!

There is no more enchanting activity for kids than raising a beautiful butterfly or magnificent giant silk moth from start to finish.

— Vicky Oldham

Let’s raise something beautiful together.

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