Video: Raising Hickory Horned Devil Caterpillars

Please enjoy this live stream video of these amazing caterpillars in the subfamily of giant silk moths, Ceratocampinae. In a group referred to as royal moths, the “Hickory Horned Devil” caterpillar, Citheronia regalis, is one of the most dramatic-looking caterpillars on earth! Each molt, known as an “instar,” presents a brand new look to this very intimidating but harmless caterpillar. If not for it’s appearance, its size is enough to frighten a predator — or a human! This amazing caterpillar turns into a spectacular reddish moth known as the Royal Walnut Moth with a wingspan of almost 7 inches.

Update on the Hickory Horned Devil Caterpillars:

This is the last day for these caterpillars. They are ready to go down underground to become pupae, a sleeping stage that lasts through the winter. In late spring, they will emerge to become the magnificent Royal Walnut Moth, a red patterned moth with a wingspan of almost 7 inches!

Published by Vicky Oldham

Natural history enthusiast, professional artist 35+ years.

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